I want to get the last news about Fish Sudoku!

Fish Sudoku is a colourful and addicting logic puzzle. This game will give you hours of puzzle pleasure. Fish Sudoku is perfect for you and your kids if you love to solve Sudoku puzzles.

Easy Fish Sudoku levels teach your kid logical thinking and good brain training, even at a young age. You can start with easy Fish Sudoku levels and you gradually build your way to become Sudoku master.

Fish Sudoku — is a collection of 210 puzzles:

  • 35 Easy Sudoku 4×4 puzzles
  • 35 Easy Sudoku 5×5 puzzles
  • 35 Easy Sudoku 6×6 puzzles
  • 35 Medium Sudoku 7×7 puzzles
  • 35 Medium Sudoku 8×8 puzzles
  • 35 Medium Hard Sudoku 9×9 puzzles
  • More Levels Coming Soon...

The purpose of Fish Sudoku is to put in the empty cells, one fish in each, so that all regions contain the exact kind of fish.

We can assure you, each Fish puzzle in this Sudoku has been cautiously verified to ensure that it has only 1 solution.

Screenshots of the game: